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Jane Zhang


Unique Royal Promos, Co., LTD

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Promotions Idea Development:

•     Innovative Ideas that complement existing brand strategy

•     Ensuring consistency with Brand Philosophy

•     Maximizing impact with minimal cost

•     Developing creative ideas for new concepts

•     Personalizing promotion items to deliver maximum impact

•     Logistics and time management

•     Working within budget and time constraints



Product Sourcing:

•     Use both local and overseas suppliers

•     On the ground sourcing staff in China

•     Rigorous search process to source best quality and lowest prices

•     Supply of mock-ups, prototypes, and production samples before full production

•     Our staff perform second tier QC in addition to factory QC

•     Import logistics, shipping, clearance and delivery



Product Customization:

•     Branding on product, product packaging or other accessories - printing, embossing, etching, embroidering, with many more options

•     Customized packing design

•     Modifying product functionality to suit campaign requirements

•     Choice of color, materials, shapes, sizes and many more


•     Using various methods of import, depending on project requirements

•     Express door-to-door delivery for urgent requirements, air freight for urgent deliveries and sea freight for LCL and FCL goods

•     Important documentation, customs clearance and delivery to client or direct to the event

•     Repacking (if required) and local delivery logistics

•     End-to-end process management 




•     National and international delivery management

•     Distribution via Road, Train and Sea

•     National distribution capability

•     Palletizing and non-palletizing for easy distribution between various delivery methods

•     Assembly and Disassembly of larger goods



Online Catalogue Management:

•     Development and management of online catalogue

•     Redemption management

•     Online ordering and fulfillment

•     Real time payment solution or credit management system

•     Continuously updating and adding new products to the catalogue

•     Multiple user access account and customized interfaces



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